The Process of Recovering Data From NAS Devices Explained Here

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. Owing to the growing need for storage devices with large storage capacities, NAS devices have become more popular . These devices come in different capacities with some reaching 1 Terabyte(1TB).This allows you to store huge amount of data such as songs, videos, movies, documents, photos and many more. The biggest disadvantage of this device is that when it gets damaged, you lose all the data. This can be very bad. A big blow to be precise. That is why you should have knowledge about Recovering Data from Nas Devices.

NAS devices are different from other storage devices in many ways. They feature RAID arrays which enable allow them to store large quantities of data. But when they get damaged, it is usually difficult to recover data when compared to USB disks. Downloading data recovery software and then using it may not give you the results you want. In some cases, it may not work. What is the way out? This is the question that we seek to answer. Read on.

Recovering Data From NAS Devices

Here Are The Steps To Follow

Disassemble NAS device- You should disassemble your NAS device into its constituent parts before starting the recover y process.

  • Remove all the internal hard drives from NAS box
  • This should be followed by inserting hard drives into your computer
  • You can then carry out partition and raid recovery using appropriate software. EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard is recommended. The software will provide you with instructions on how to recover data. Follow them until the process is complete.
  • EasyUS Data Recovery Wizard is available for downlaod free of charge. Just visit the software website and download

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the above information will help you to recover data from NAS devices.Make sure that you follow the instructions.

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